Soesterberg Air Force Memorial

The connection between Soesterberg and the United States Air Force

The 32nd Fighter Squadron

For 40 years at Soesterberg Airbase

Garagesales and Barbecues

From garage sales, football matches to barbecues

F-15 Eagle

Lust and burden within Soesterberg's airspace


To date a festival in Soesterberg

31 augustus 2017
28 augustus 2017

Our Donors

The Soesterberg Air Force Memorial could only be realized through the financial contributions of small and large(er) sponsors. Many thanks to everyone for their contribution.
From a donation of € 30 or more, the name of the sponsor can be found on this website or on the monument.

Publication on the website (donations from € 30 till € 100)

Cees Hogervorst Cynthia Wilson

Eternal mention on the SAM monument Soesterberg
(donation of € 100 or more)

Provincie Utrecht Gemeente Soest Gemeente Zeist Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
McDonald's Huis ter Heide Mulklé Metaal Chris Rodenburg Garage Van Beek
Handelsonderneming Norma Restaurant De Spitsheuvel Restaurant 't Hoogt Carel Bense
Familie Brinkers Marijke Browning Familie Van Dorrestein Ton en Lieneke Epping
Wim Harmsen Helga van Heeswijck Karin Loohuizen namens Jagpoint
in herinnering aan Hans Loohuizen
Chris Lorraine
Gerrit van Rheenen Cor Sukking Piet Taai Familie Wels



The monument is a citizen’s initiative and the realisation of the Soesterberg Air Force Memorial is only possible thanks to the generosity of donors. Residents, former Wolfhounds, large or small businesses, former suppliers or US companies that were once associated with this illustrious period!


The monument will strengthen the historical connection and awareness between Soesterberg and that memorable period between 1954 and 1994; Forty years when the 32nd Fighter Squadron of USAF provided an American presence in the village of Soesterberg.


  • Mr. Rob Metz (Mayor Soest)
  • Mr. Koos Janssen (Mayor Zeist)
  • Mr. Theo Ruijs (former director Figi Zeist)


  • Mr. Christopher Lorraine (Chairman)
  • Mr. Piet Taai
  • Mr. Cor Sukking
  • Mr. Carel Bense
  • Mr. Dick Wels
  • Mr. Gerrit van Rheenen
  • Mrs. Cynthia Wilson
  • Mr. Wim Harmsen


Artist Chris Rodenburg from Soest has designed three extraordinary panels as part of the monument th...

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